Grad Guide


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Graduation pricing is based on group number and by the hour.  Your graduation session is exactly what you make of it.  Outfit changes? No problem.  Multiple locations? Go for it! As long as you can do it within your time frame, I'm game.  

What to Expect

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• Your group photo session includes both individual and group photos.  Photo locations in the law quad are completely dependent on time of day, lighting, and what is available.

• Photos will not be taken on the diag block M.  There are too many people in the background and these photos can easily be taken on your phone.  Time is better spent in other locations.            

• In group photos, coordination is best.  Whites, blues, pinks, yellows- whatever you choose, choose solid colors if possible!  Patterns like stripes and florals break up a photo.  If you choose to wear patterns in your individual photos, that's up to you (but I don't recommend it)!            

Big House Photos

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Interested in booking the Big House for photos?  Check out their photo reservations page here

Here are some tips about Big House photos: 

1. Your photos will be the best at the earliest time or latest time available.  I always recommend opting in to having the Big House lights turned on.  

2. Photos taken in the middle of the day will not come out as you want them to.  Harsh shadows will appear on your face if you want to take photos on the 50-yard 'M'.

3. Blue jeans and a variety of Michigan t-shirts will look best.  Bring some cute sweatshirts if you want! White sneakers are also the go-to move.                

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